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Richmondville Power & Light

Electric Disconnect Procedure for Non-Payment for Electric Service

A procedure for disconnection of electric service was developed to be followed on a monthly basis according to regulations set forth by New York State law and the New York State Public Service Commission. This procedure will be followed each month with the exception of the period designated as “cold weather period” of November 1 to April 15, as delegated by the New York State Home Energy Fair Practices Act (HEFPA).

The following steps will be followed during the first disconnection of the season, referred to as “Spring Disconnects”*. This will be scheduled to take place on April 15th each year unless extenuating circumstances prevent it, in which case disconnections will take place as soon as circumstances allow. If April 15th happens to fall on a Friday or weekend, the disconnections will take place on the Monday immediately following.

1) An initial letter of warning is mailed to customers 2+ months delinquent approximately 24 days before the date of disconnect. This letter is separate from the regular Final Disconnect Notice that is mailed along with the monthly bills. This letter is to notify delinquent customers of the date that Spring Disconnects will begin, that their account is arrears, that payment is due to avoid a disconnection of electric service, and to contact the office.

2) Certified/Return Receipt letters mailed to customers 2+ months delinquent at least 15 business days before date of disconnect (PSC Requirement). An uncertified/non-return receipt copy of the letter is also mailed to the customers. Customers are encouraged to make payments or set up payment arrangements at the office to avoid a disconnection of service.

3) Pink slips are issued with information written on it by office staff, one week before the date of disconnection (April 15th) Customers are encouraged to call the village office. The village office phone number is: (518) 294-7700.

4) Disconnections will be scheduled to take place on April 15th if it is a business day between Monday and Thursday. If April 15th falls on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, Disconnections will start on the following Monday.

5) Reconnections take place during the business hours of 8:00AM and 3:00PM on weekdays only. The reconnection fee is $50.00. Reconnections will take place within 24 hours after acceptable payment has been received in the Richmondville Village Office.


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